IJSC Volume – 3, No. 2


IJSC Volume – 3, No. 2

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Volume 3, No. 2
April 2017 – June 2017,



S.No. Article Name Author
1. Simplified Kundalini Yoga practice enhances values – an experimental study Dr. S. Prasath, K. Nagarasan, and S. Kalavathi
2. Effect of yogic intervention: Pranayama on stress Jain V. and Sharma J.
3. Facilitating Respiratory System Through Pranayama Sharma J.
4. Effect of comprehensive yogic practices on lipid profile of urban population Prasad G. and Bhardwaj I.
5. Thoughts Transformation and Yoga Philosophy: A Scientific Analysis Singh N.
6 The effect of clinical sequence of yogapathy on Type 2 diabetes mellitus Arya R. K.


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