IJSC Volume – 2, No. 2


IJSC Volume – 2, No. 2


Volume 2, No. 2
April 2016 – June 2016,



S.No. Article Name Author
1. Yoga Therapy- an Effective Solution for Menopausal Problems Dauneria, S. and Keswani, J.
2. Yoga – a Key to Unlock the Secret of All Facets of Healthiness in Modern Time Kumar, Y. and Vibhu, I.
3. An evaluation of antarayas and their overcoming for the human well-being in view of Patanjali yoga Kolla, C.
4. Astanga Yoga: the Eight fold path of Holistic Health Ranjan, R. K. and Kumar, D.
5. Importance of Education in Human Life: a Holistic Approach Bhardwaj, A.
6. A Critical Evaluation of Human Suffering in View of Samkhya Yoga Subramanyamu, A.
7. Personality Development through Yoga Tiwary, S.
8. Can Pranakarshan Pranayam helps to cope up the stress? Verma, S., Kashyap, G. K., Kumar, K.