IJSC Volume – 2, No. 1


IJSC Volume – 2, No. 1


Volume 2, No. 1
January 2016 – March 2016,



S.No. Article Name Author
1. Effect of Surya Namaskar on weight loss in obese persons Rajni, N.
2. Effect of Yoga on Mental Health of Adolescents Kumar, P.
3. A study on the effect of Yoga and diet-control on Body mass index and cholesterol level of the Obese Youth Patel, S. and Kumar, K.
4. Yoga Journalism: Historical Perspective Bhardwaj, A.
5. Importance of Yoga for School going Children Singh, A. A. N. K.
6. A study on the effect of Surya Namaskar, Nadi-shodhan & Gayatri Mantra on Mental Health of College going Students Pal, V. & Chaudhary, N.
7. A Study of the Effect of Yug Shilpi Satra on Emotional Competence Joshi, K. and Yadav, S.
8. A Study on the Effect of Collective Yogic Practices on Social Adjustment of Collage Students in Urban Area Verma, S. and Gurvendra, A.
9. A Study on the Effect of Yoga & Pranic Healing on Psychological Disorder Nikhra, M.
10. Management of Hypertension through Yoga Vinod, N.