IJOYS Volume 9 – Issue 1


IJOYS Volume 9 – Issue 1


I am delighted to bring the current volume of IJOYAS on the opening of a mega event. It is a privilege to release this issue on the inauguration of International Conference on PsychoSpiritual Approach to Yoga, jointly organized by Dept of Yogic Science, Uttarakhand Sanskrit University, Haridwar and Indian Association of Yoga, New Delhi.

Readers might be aware that IJOYAS completed its eight years of publication successfully. During this period we tried to provide a really exciting opportunity to consider the truly interdisciplinary nature of Yoga and other allied studies going on all over.

The objective of this journal is to publish up-to-date, high-quality and original research papers alongside relevant and insightful reviews. It includes technical and professional aspects of Yoga and allied disciplines like Philosophy, Spirituality, Psychology, Human Consciousness, Medical, Paramedical sciences, Health sciences, Therapy, Education, Physical education, exercise and sports sciences, biomechanics, Literary/textual studies, Physiology, Biochemistry etc.

My sincere thanks to all the member of advisory and review committee, for their effort and contributors to this issue. Needless to say, any papers that you wish to submit, either individually or collaboratively, are much appreciated and will make a substantial contribution to the development and success of the journal.



S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note 1-3
Empirical Research
2. Life Skills and Yoga as Cutting Edge Mechanisms for Transformative Competencies Srinivaas Ankamreddy et.al 5-13
3. Efficacy of Dhyana and Jacobson Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy on Anxiety and Thought Control of Parents of Differently Abled Children Dr. Bibin Chand 14-20
4. Effect Of Yoga Postures In Children With Migraine Headache Mr. Govardhan Reddy & Dr Krishna Sharma 21-25
5. Constructing Norms of Muscular Strength, Muscular Power and Muscular Endurance for Tug of War Male Players Lovedeep Singh & Prof. (Dr.) Pritam Singh 26-32
6. The Innovative Methods of Teaching of ABC of Yoga Charts For School Children: Design & Development Manish Kumar & Paran Gowda 33-40
7. A Study Of Stress Management On Secondary Students Through Pranayama And Meditation Kanchan Joshi & etal. 41-44
8. Human Chakras as Yantra, Bijakshara as Mantra and Divine Light as Tantra and its impact on Gross, Subtle, Etheric and Causal Body Hemanth C 45-55
9. A Study On The Impact Of Yogic Chandrayana Vrata On Improving Pulmonary Function And Quality Of Life Rangappa & Dr. K. Krishna Sharma 56-62
Literary Research
11. Psycho-Spirituality- A trigger for thought transformation Dr. Sudhanshu Verma 63-67
12. Psychosomatic Management through Yoga Dr. Parinita Singh 68-73
12. Relevance of Patanjali Yoga Sutrás, its Kriyás in combating the corruption in social paradigm Dr. Sandeep Kumar Singh 74-80
13. Application of Yoga for Harmony & Peace Dr. Shivom & Dr. Sudhanshu Verma 81-88
14. Prayaschitta Sadhana: A Psycho-Spiritual Approach Dr Kamakhya Kumar 89-94

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