IJOYS Volume 7 – Issue 1


IJOYS Volume 7 – Issue 1


I am delighted to bring the current volume of IJOYAS on the Holy occasion of Dusshera. It is a privilege to release this issue on the day when the whole nation is celebrating VijayaDashmi the victory of Lord Ram on Ravana. It is the victory of goodness on badness. Let Lord Ram bring a harmony in the entire world where the humanity is struggling with terrorism and hatred. Let the goodness get victory once again.

Readers might be aware that IJOYAS completed its three years of publication successfully. During this period we tried to provide a really exciting opportunity to consider the truly
interdisciplinary nature of Yoga and other allied studies going on all over. The objective of this journal is to publish up-to-date, high-quality and original research papers alongside
relevant and insightful reviews. Itincludes technical and professional aspects of Yoga and allied disciplines like Philosophy, Spirituality, Psychology, Human Consciousness, Medical,
Paramedical sciences, Health sciences, Therapy, Education, Physical education, exercise and sports sciences, biomechanics, Literary/textual studies, Physiology, Biochemistry etc.

My sincere thanks to all the member of advisory and review committee, for their effort and contributors to this issue. Needless to say, any papers that you wish to submit, either
individually or collaboratively, are much appreciated and will make a substantial contribution to the development and success of the journal.



S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note   1-3
Empirical research
2. The Consequence of Yogic Training on Self-Concept of Adolescents:An Experimental Study Manjappa.P1 & Sujata.S2 5-13
3. Mental Distress in Corporate Persons & Its Management through Yoga Kamakhya Kumar 14-18
4. Effect of Yoga and Music Therapy for Stress Management in Menopausal Women Devika Bhave1, Shraddha Mansawale2, Ujwal Yeole3, Shweta Kulkarni4 19-26
5. Improvement of Moral Values in Children through Yogic Intervention Somdutta Tiwary 27-30
6. The Effect of Eight-Week Yoga Exercise on Balance and Gait in Girls with Intellectual Disability Mr. Shashidhara 31-35
7. A Study on the Effect of Yoga on General Mental Ability of Children Vipin Kumar Pal1 & Neha Chaudhary2 36-39
8. Effect of Comprehensive Yogic Practices on General Well Being of Urban Population Ganesh Prasad1 & Ishwar Bhardwaj2 40-44
9. Effect of Yoga-Preksha Meditation on Adjustment among College Going Girls Vivek Maheshwari1 & Arti Yadav2 45-51
Literary Research
10. Cultivating Moral Values through Yoga Ajay Bhardwaj 52-57
11. Manomaya Kosha – From the Perspective of Ancient and Modern Science Sanjib Patra 58-60
12. Motivational Elements in Yoga: A Conceptual Synthesis Rajeevan E. 61-68
12. Motivational Elements in Yoga: A Conceptual Synthesis Rajeevan E. 61-68
13. An insight on Parinamas mentioned in the Patanjala Yoga Sutras Bhivandker Mayur Pratap 69-76