IJOYS Volume 2 – Issue 1


IJOYS Volume 2 – Issue 1


I am delighted to bring the next volume of IJOYAS. Readers will be happy to know that IJOYAS is now an indexed journal and this time we tried to produce it in a quite new look. A new logo has been launched with this issue and at the same time we increased the size of the journal as well. Readers might be aware; IJOYAS provides a really exciting opportunity to consider the truly interdisciplinary nature of Yoga and other allied studies going on all over.

The objective of this journal is to publish up-to-date, high-quality and original research papers alongside relevant and insightful reviews. It includes technical and professional aspects of Yoga and allied disciplines like Philosophy, Spirituality, Psychology, Human Consciousness, Medical, Paramedical sciences, Health sciences, Therapy, Education, Physical education, exercise and sports sciences, biomechanics, Literary/textual studies, Physiology, Biochemistry etc.

My sincere thanks to all the contributors of this issue. Needless to say, any papers that you wish to submit, either individually or collaboratively, are much appreciate



S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note   73-76
2. Guest Article: Biofeedback, Flight-or-fight Response and Meditation J.P.N. Mishra 77-81
3. The effects of yoga on incarcerated individuals – self-perception of life orientation (optimism/pessimism), perceived stress, and self-efficacy Barbara Prudhomme White 82-90
4. Effect of Yoga practices on clinical profile of Osteoarthritis Knee: A randomized control trail V Avasthi et al 91-96
5. Effect of Yoga Therapy on Psychological well – being and Quality of life in Anxiety Disorder Annapoorna K. et al 97-103
6. A Study of the Effect of Yogic intervention on Blood uric acid Level in Gout Patients Dr. Kamakhya Kumar 104-108
7. Effect of 14 points Acupressure on Blood pressure C. Vijayalakshmi 109-115
8. Impact of Yogic Shatkarma in psycho-somatic health of female teachers Megha Rastogi 116-119
9. The Essence of Yoga is beyond Janine Joyce 120-131
10. A comparison of Yoga darshana and Ayurveda with special emphasis on suitability of Asanas to constitutional types of Ayurvedic diagnosis K Meera et al 132-137
11. Daily Regimen to keep Doctor away Nagraj Kamath et al 138-144
12. Dietetics in Ayurveda with special reference to Prakruti Baburaj Nimisha et al 145-151
13. A Review on impact of Brahma-muhurta on attitude of Yoga in the life style disorder: Diabetes mellitus Y M Uma 152-155
14. Guidelines for authors   156-160