IJOYS Volume I – Issue 2


IJOYS Volume I – Issue 2


Thanks to the almighty, who is the creator, protector and successor of every visible and invisible. Who is behind the every possibility, which is behind our every action and reaction. I am delighted to bring the next issue of IJOYAS, an Interdisciplinary Journal dedicated to Scientific and Literary Research in Yogic Science & Allied Subjects. IJOYAS provides a really exciting opportunity to consider the truly interdisciplinary nature of Yoga and its studies going on worldwide.

The objective of IJOYAS is to publish up-to-date, high-quality and original research papers alongside relevant and insightful reviews. It includes technical and professional aspects of Yoga and allied disciplines like Philosophy, Spirituality, Psychology, Human Consciousness, Medical, Paramedical sciences, Health sciences, Therapy, Education, Physical education, exercise and sports sciences, biomechanics, Literary /textual studies, Physiology, Biochemistry etc.

My sincere thanks to all the contributors of this issue. Needless to say, any papers that you wish to submit, either individually or collaboratively, are much appreciated and will make a substantial contribution to the early development and success of the journal.



S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note   89-92
2. Influence of Preksha Meditation on Blood Profile of Adults Pradyumna Singh Sekhavat et.al 93-104
3. The Effect of Yogic Practices onAcademic record, Memory, Body Weight and Lung function of the School going Children Dr. K.Krishna Bhat & Dr K Krishna Sharma 105-109
4. Effect of Yoga training program on Yoga based information in Physical Education Teachers Dr. Babu Lal Dayma 110-113
5. Effect of Yogic and Ayurvedic intervention on Hypertensive patients Saraswati Devi & Dr Vandana Srivastava 114-118
6. A Study on the Effect of Surya Namaskar on Emotional Maturity and Psychological Wellbeing Manju Deorari et.al 119-125
7. A Study on the Effect of Yogic Intervention on RA Factor in Gout Patients Amit Negi & Dr. Kamakhya Kumar 126-130
8. Effect of Yogic Practices on Adjustment Enhancement in School Students Shivasish Kothiyal & Dr Praveen Joshi 131-135
9. Effect of ‘Bhootashuddhi Kriya’ on Alpha EEG of Males Dushyant Kakar & Somdutta Tiwary 136-142
10. Effect of Nada Brahma Meditation on Alpha EEG on college going Students Dr. Vinod Nautiyal et al. 143-149
11. Yogic Intervention and its Effect on General Well Being Dr. Kamakhya Kumar 150-155
12. A Brief Geographical History of Yoga in Modern India Dr. Ananda Balyogi Bhavnani 156-168
13. Guideline to Contributors   169-172